In an era when businesses come and go, often merged and transformed into organizations that you no longer even recognize, the family business of the past is quickly becoming a rarity.

Yet, walk into Réjean Laporte Lincoln in Saint-Norbert, in the heart of the Lanaudière region, near Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Saint-Felix-de-Valois, Berthierville, Joliette and Repentigny, and you will certainly see people you know and faces you recognize, year after year.

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Réjean Laporte Lincoln

It all started with Réjean Laporte’s passion for cars, who created Automobiles Réjean Laporte in Saint-Norbert in 1958. His children Martin, Dominique and Simon and his grandchildren Jean-François, Philippe, Marc-Olivier and Pierre grew up in the company, learning the tricks of the trade at an early age. As teenagers, they washed cars, observed sales and service and learned the trade in the field. As adults, they continued their rise by completing university training. Today, one third of the employees are members of the Laporte family. All of Réjean Laporte's children and half of the grandchildren work directly for the Lincoln luxury car dealership.

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